Lantau Tomorrow Vision

Hong Kong Reclamation Overview

In The Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor states the importance of land developing in Hong Kong.
She puts forward the plan of East Lantau Metropolis to the citizens, according to the long- period research of government’s task force on land supply.

However, people’s caring about environment has been increasing recent years. In 1997, Hong Kong government made rules about harbor protect and has been cautious about promoting further reclamation plans. Thus, during 2000 to 2015, the area of reclamation in Hong Kong decreased to one fifth of the last 15 years.

Economic Analysis

38 Hong Kong economists signed up to support the Lantau Tomorrow Vision.
The following graphs shows the main points mentioned in the petition.


  • The cost per square foot of reclamation is $1500. If the government wants to reclaim brown field or agricultural land in the New Territories for new town development, it will pay a maximum of $1,350 per square foot. Government should also have to pay 25% more in subsidies for crops and other losses, or nearly $1,700, which is higher than the cost of reclamation.

Final Profits

Total Income

The land sales revenue of the above two projects is $840 billion.

Total Profits

Calculated the cost, net income will be about $240 billion.

Further Development

Calculated the cost, net income will be about $240 billion.

Jobs And Taxes

The island could create 340,000 jobs worth of tax and economic benefits.

Poll Analyze

We have analyzed 224 news articles published on 19 news outlet in Hong Kong during May 1st to Nov 15th about polls on reclamation.
Journalists are suppose to be objective and not be influenced by political stand of the news outlet. As for polls, we assume when a poll result is published, it will be equally reported by outlets. Is this the case?